About The Artist

About Deadbeat Girl

Deadbeat Girl, or Val Olson, is an indie-rock alternative singer-songwriter from South Florida, currently residing in New York City. From a young age, Val gravitated towards her parents’ record and CD collection, falling in love with the grunge movement of the nineties and alternative rock ballads of the early 2000’s. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, The Foo Fighters, and Death Cab For Cutie were on constant replay in her childhood home. Over time, modern day musicians like Girl In Red and Billie Eilish became an integral part of Deadbeat Girl’s life soundtrack.


Deadbeat Girl would also find a passion for music production, studying the works of Finneas, Tyler The Creator, and Daywave. What blossomed from their bedroom studio sessions was a desire to create music to share with others. After enrolling in New York University’s Music Technology program, Deadbeat Girl, the artist, began to take shape. In classrooms, dorm rooms, hallways, and libraries, Val would seek inspiration in every nook and cranny.


Deadbeat Girl writes spontaneously and from a place of stark honesty and authenticity. Their melody and lyric writing embody their emotional vulnerability. Val puts it very simply: “when it comes, that’s when I write.”


Deadbeat Girl’s artist project launched with their debut single “Another Day” back in November last year after spending the pandemic writing their own original songs. Sitting at over 300 thousand streams, the track is a melancholy punk inspired upload that resonated with the likes of Under The Radar, Ladygunn, and more.


Following the single, Deadbeat Girl’s first EP entitled “What Will It Take?” released in March of this year. The project is a collection of their innermost thoughts, pieced together with the help of The Shack North’s Senior producer, Ferny Coipel. Working hand in hand with Coipel, Deadbeat Girl’s art has become more than random bursts of inspiration in tiny dorm rooms and study spaces. The record arrived as a coming of age moment, navigating self acceptance, heartache and identity with empowering honesty. The release scooped support from the likes of Clash, Wonderland, Them, and Ones To Watch.


Deadbeat Girl is a new look into the daringly unafraid side of a musician with an overwhelming willingness to be oneself and to share it with the world. Despite it still being early days for Deadbeat Girl, things are already falling into place. As they continue to unapologetically share their authentic self, their adoring fan base continues to grow and relate. With playing live being at the heart of who they are as an artist, Deadbeat Girl has just announced a global support tour later this year with buzzy and brilliant artist Ari Abdul. Additionally, to kick off the tour, the pair will be performing together at Lollapalooza this summer.


What once was simply writing songs in a childhood bedroom has quickly turned into something much bigger. Despite the recent success, however, Deadbeat Girl continues to stick to their roots, always creating songs inspired by the music they grew up with.


At their core, Deadbeat Girl is “not just a musician, but a lover of music.”