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Deadbeat Girl in Miami Studio

Deadbeat Girl is at it again, working on an upcoming EP. When asked about her new EP, Val said “I want my music to be a time capsule for life’s most memorable moments” The long awaited EP will be released in the coming months, with the first single coming out in September titled “Another Day.” You can preview her single here, along with her teaser music video here.

In addition to her EP, Val has been working on some new music with her long-time producer Ferny Coipel from The Shack North in Miami. He has been with her since the beginning and is a huge asset to the Deadbeat Girl team. While in NYC, she was able to complete the mixing and mastering for the project remotely while attending classes at NYU. Talking about her relationship with her producer, Val said “I will continue to record music at the Shack North with my producer Ferny who perfectly understands my vision as an artist and producer.”

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